Curiosity.     Fantasy.     Provocation.
Dot NotRobot is the essence of a child wondering at a starlit world through a thousand pinholes in a brand name refrigerator box, stars in her eyes as stardust in her post-synthetic heart and across her lilied face. As a child, she looked out her window every day, and beyond the endless cookie cutters was a purple mountain.
Little Dot was restless and didn’t know she was a Dot NotRobot until she went rogue—unfit for factory consumption, outside of society, rejected from suburban conformity, redefined by urban fetish, a rogue-like post-machine singing “Dream a Little Dream of Me” in burned out closets and playing dress up from clothes pilfered in the wasteland of dead Americana. She looked like a raw slab of meat while the others’ edges were sleeker, shinier, and even breasts defied gravity. They all looked the same to her, like the fallout-dusted cookie cutters she’d seen out her window. Built for wonder, built for sex, built to fail, built to explore: Dot NotRobot is a manic anti-machine dream girl and more!
The Basics:

Dot NotRobot revels in her multifaceted and versatile performance art and alt modeling: creative, unique, goth, punk, erotica, fetish, latex, boudoir, art nude, fashion, editorial, makeup, and beyond.

She is equipped to do her own makeup with advance notice.

Dot can also adapt and make outfits, including out of leather (@Project.leathergazm). She also has a large supply of props.

If interested, Dot enjoys collaborative efforts and conceptualizing projects as well. She majored in visual art and creative writing. She is open to a wide variety of creative endeavors. Just ask!