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It's the beginning to my new Diary. I've had many diaries, some in books stashed away in my keepsake box and other's in virtual reality. So begins another... ...with a self-portrait series I conceptualized, shot and edited a few years ago. I dedicated the photo series to Isabelle Eberhardt. I had just read her book, The Oblivion Seekers. She was a radical anti-colonial, anti-bourgeois Swiss explorer at the turn of the century, who traveled to Algeria and disguised herself as a man and converted to Islam, survived an assassination attempt, and after her mother died when she was a child, she became hysterical and suicidal, screaming that she wanted to kill herself in front of her father, and he handed her his gun. "We are, all of us, poor wretches, and those who prefer not to understand this are even worse off than the rest of us." In light of the recent tragedies in Paris, the rise of ISIS, the continuous subjugation to those born with cunts, the escalation and pressure for gun control in America with more than 350 mass shooting this year, this set became real again to me, perhaps more so than when I created it. I borrowed this revolver for this shoot. Guns are easy to get a hold of.  
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