New Year’s 2016 with Patti Smith: We keep moving

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Kinda late but no matter…

Happy New Year
I don’t care about new year’s resolutions
Everyday is an opportunity
Give to those deserving
Get rid of those who don’t appreciate you
Don’t live in fear of yourself or the world
Fuck like a rebel
Challenge yourself and others
Try to keep breathing
Live on
Happy New Year



I spent my New Year’s Eve with Patti Smith at the Fillmore in San Francisco. She played Horses from start to finish. All I could say after was: “that was amazing,” which is a pitiful way to describe the experience. She changed my world when I was a teenager. No woman is as raw and real as Patti Smith and that is one thing that has clearly stayed with her, and in turn, with me. It’s contagious and penetrating. She is the Grandmother of punk. She is free because she is not bound to fear. She embodies her own ideal.


“Freedom is inside of me. It means I am not hung up on anyone’s idea of how I should be. I am outside of society…”


“If you spend too much time defining what you do, or telling people you are free, or being defensive about your freedom obviously you are not free. You know it’s like anytime you have to push things down people’s throat…You know, there is a lot of movements whether it was like beatniks, hippies, woman’s lib. They are just all new political structures. They are all new dogma…We want to initiate change but…as soon as you start writing patter, as soon as you write some political order: You write dogma.You are right there with Catholicism. You are right there with Communism. Anytime you start stating…rules and regulations you are no longer liberated. You are just a new politcal gain, whether it’s religious, spiritual, whatever, social.”


Love the interview at the beginning.

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